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Tons of new Wakesurfers and brands.  We added a larger selection so you can elevate your game with the best boards in the industry.  Wakesurfers from Phase 5, Ronix, Hyperlite, Byerly, Bridgade, Slingshot, and Liquid Force.  We carry all the styles so you can surf happily on a Skim, Regular Sufer, or Long Board. We also handle Grom boards for the kids.  Prices starting at under $300 and Free Shipping on orders over $50

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$ 39.98
Hyperlite Surf Sock Care for your wakesurfer and it will take care of you! Hyperlite introduces our Surf Socks available in two sizes and made of plush terrycloth fabric that will wick away water for dry storage. The nose is reinforced with heavy duty nylon and the tail incorporates a...
$ 600.00 $ 650.00
Brigade Tamarindo Wakesurfer   The Tamarindo has been our Bread and Butter when it comes to our skim boards. Named after an epic surf trip to Costa Rica, anyone that loves to skim is going to love this board. Gives you the sharp progressive rails for quick 360’s and the...
Out of stock
Slingshot Wakefoil Package Hydrofoil package for behind-the-boat riding • Super stable foil designed for stability and ease of use • Complete package includes 15" and 24" masts for easy progression • Ride in any condition, behind any boat • Brings an exciting new challenge and sensation to the boat Slingshot is excited to add the Wakefoiler...
$ 629.00 $ 679.00
  Slingshot Gnarwhal Wakesurfer The Gnarwhal is our progressive surf shape with a snubbed nose and fat tail. This shape results in more surface area in a smaller space, so you can tuck into the sweet spot of the wave and work the power zones more efficiently. The Gnarwhal is...
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$ 629.00 $ 679.00
Slingshot Cobra Cat Wakesurfer  The Cobra Cat features a traditional shape with a classic surf outline. The thruster fin configuration and drawn-in tail give the board the speed of a cobra and the agility of a cat, hence the name. This board is designed for tight turns and aggressive surf...
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$ 529.00 $ 579.00
Slingshot Butter Bar Wakesurfer The Butter Bar is a pin-tail, skim-style board that appeals to riders of all ability levels. The Butter Bar’s low volume makes it the easiest board in our lineup to submerge, which helps when learning or teaching deep-water starts. Once it is up and cruising, the...
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Out of stock
Slingshot Butter Bar Wakesurf Board.  Skim Feel    
$ 539.95 $ 629.99
The Gnarwhal is an entirely new breed of wakesurf board from Slingshot, designed for aggressive surf style riders looking to cut deep into the pocket and attack the lip with explosive airs and surf-style maneuvers. Decked out with new FCS II fin technology, customizing your fin configuration with either a...
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$ 749.99 $ 799.99
Ronix The Lunatic Wakesurfer   Ever have that one buddy – you spend the day with him/her and it could either be filed in the Hall of fame on the fun meter, or give you a night in the can? This is that spectrum in a surfer. Our thickest profiled board rides...
$ 329.99
Ronix Super Sonic Space Odyssey POWER TAIL Wakesurfer Combining the stable aspects of a Longboard, the bottom turndrive of a Thruster, and the ability to air out like no other kid’sboard out there. There has never been a board with this muchsurface area in the tail for bigger airs off...
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$ 849.99 $ 879.99
Ronix Skate SKimmer Wakesurfer The closest we have come to making a wakeskate into a surfer. A brand spanking new hot, off the press skate influenced skimmer. A shape designed by arguably our sport’s greatest skater – Reed Hansen – creating the board feel and release he was looking for...
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$ 369.99 $ 399.99
Ronix Modello Fish Skim Wakesurfer The goal of this new shape was to create a more affordable, more durable, rhythm like nothing you’ve ever ridden with the feel of a fish/fun surfer, mixed with a skim like skate feel, without sacrificing lightweight overall surf performance. The creators of the first ever compression...
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$ 399.99 $ 429.99
Ronix Marsh Mellow Thrasher Wakesurfer A similar shape to our most high end performing deck – The Thruster – just constructed with a more impact proven layup. A soft top construction combines the best elements of speed, weight and durability. Made with a similar core to our other more expensive surfers – this...
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$ 629.95 $ 679.99
Ronix Koal Wakesurf Board Ronix adds the new technology of Technora - this laminate creates a more reactive overall surfboard than a traditional fiberglass construction. A blend of standard surfer layup, along with a new lively material bridging the gap between a classic Koal construction and their ultra responsive new Hex Shell layup....
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$ 699.99 $ 729.99
Ronix Koal Thumbtail + Wakesurfer New for this year we took Danny Harf’s signature deck and stayed with the standard thickness in the nose area for solid contact with the water, then gradually went thicker thru the center to the tail of the board. The result is a high end surfer that...
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$ 629.99 $ 659.99
Ronix KOAL FISH Women's Wakesurfer   This 4’ 10” Koal is the premier fast gliding, surf constructed women’s edition for us freshies. We went into the “blue room” and shaped a women’s spin-off from our most classic high-end surfer for the ultimate female performer. Our many moons of designing wake surfboards has...
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$ 849.99 $ 879.99
Ronix Honeycomb Powertail Wakesurfer Our most advanced core delivers the strongest connection between water, board and rider, meets our best selling shape. A wide stable platform with a high end kick. The Powertail shape combines the stable aspects of a Longboard, the bottom turn drive of a Thruster, and the...
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Out of stock
KOAL W/ TECHNORA New for this year, we added the response of Technora - this laminate creates a more reactive overall surfboard than a traditional fiberglass construction. A blend of our standard surfer layup, along with a new lively material bridging the gap between a classic Koal construction and our...
$ 699.99
  Ronix KOAL THRUSTER 2 - 2017 Wakesurfers Another high end performer that received a major facelift this year. This stealth creation comes with a sharper rail, bevel and bottom channels. The result… high speed maneuverability. Whether you are looking for more drive up the face of the wake, or added glide...
$ 649.99
  Ronix KOAL CLASSIC LONGBOARD Let’s hit the E-brake on the 21st-century hustle. Sometimes you need to quit updating your social media site, replying to the “what did you do last night?” text, and on August 12th, our self-proclaimed go ride day, even school and work should be taking a rain...
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$ 929.00 $ 1,023.00
Phase Five Swell Wakesurfer The Swell was created by team rider Stacia Bank. It offers a leaner outline, pulled in nose and a super poppy tail. The more parallel rails increase the down the line speed, while the wide tail gives you tons of boost off the wave and helps...
$ 289.00 $ 318.00
Phase Five Scamp Wakesurfer The Scamp is designed with the youngest rider in mind. The wide profile makes the board very stable and still fast. The thinner core provides exceptional float yet maintains excellent rail sensitivity for the lighter rider. The tri-fin set up provides drive and locks in the...
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$ 499.00 $ 549.00
Phase Five Oogle Wakesurfer  The Oogle has a forgiving smooth ride and is the best training board to learn wakesurfing on. The outline of the Oogle mimics that of a classic surf style longboard with its full round nose and long straight rail line. It has generous rocker up front...
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$ 749.00 $ 824.00
Phase Five Hammerhead Wakesurfer The Hammerhead is Drew’s brainchild. Starting with a square nose and ending with a square tail, this board doesn’t care which end is in front. The squared nose allows it to stay stable and fast when riding revert. Wrapped with our Gatorskin™ technology, the tail shape...
$ 799.00 $ 869.00
Phase Five Diamond Limited  The Danielo Diamond LTD delivers the amazing ride and features as the stock Danielo Diamond only we hand wrapped the LTD with our Cudaskin™. We didn’t stop there. This board is also wrapped with Technora and has an inlaid carbon fiber stringer. Do you like to...
$ 929.00
Phase Five AHI Wakesurfer New for 2017, we introduce the Ahi. The Ahi is hand wrapped in our all new Cudaskin™ with an inlaid carbon fiber stringer. The boxier squash tail creates a tremendous amount of pop off the wave, while the forward placement of the quad fins keep it...
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$ 120.00 $ 140.00
Phase Five Deluxe Wakesurfing Board Bag A Deluxe wakesurfing bag that holds up to 3 boards.  Great for air travel or road trips.  Stash fins or other supplies in the separate compartment.  Protection for your boards in the off-season or everyday use. 
$ 499.99 $ 549.99
O'Brien Tesani Wakesurfer A thin lightweight pintail with a convex top deck blends Skim style performance with Surf style construction. Giving the Tesani agile ride characteristics, incredible buoyancy, maximum drive, and nearly symmetric tip and tail profiles to make it effortless riding switch or attempting 360’s, Shove It’s, etc…
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