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Farm to Feet Socks

Premium Socks for Hiking and Everyday 

Creating some of the best socks isn't easy but Farm to Feet is committed to that goal.  Make better wool socks by sourcing all the ingredients from the USA.  The wool from farms to the manufacturing of the sock.  This helps to ensure you have a quality sock that's going to last and feel great on your feet.  Shop all our Farm to Feet Socks and see why they are leading performance sock.



  • Farm To Feet Damascus Low Socks - 88 Gear
    Farm To Feet Damascus Low Socks - 88 Gear
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    $ 18.00
    Farm To Feet

    Farm To Feet Damascus Low Socks

    Low Profile Men's Hiking Socks Our Damascus socks are designed to help you reach new heights and this version is no different, only in a low-cut st...

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    $ 18.00