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Entry-Level wakesurf boards our top picks - 88 Gear

The Best Entry-Level Wakesurf Boards

Top Picks for Entry-Level Wakesurf Boards 

If you are looking to get started wakesurfing and you need a board then your checking out the right place.  We are going to cover some of the details and prices of the top entry-level surfers from 4 major wakesurf brands.  Each board is at an entry price point and will be suitable for the whole family or friends to ride on.  Let get things kicked off with one of the best selling and an all-around awesome board.

The Hyperlite Broadcast Board 

Price Ranges $349-$379


The Broadcast shape provides great performance for any ability level. The Dual Concave base feature and new rocker line provide a fast responsive ride. It allows advanced riders to air out and generate speed for rotational tricks while beginner and intermediate riders can maintain the momentum and stay in the sweet spot of the curl. The Machined EVA deck pad provides maximum traction and is a feature usually reserved for the North Shore. 

Hyperlite Broadcast wakesurf boards - 88 Gear



Integrating the top glass and the bottom glass into one. Generating a more durable board on side impacts to prevent delamination.


Our fiberglass is available in 3 weights depending on the board. Over time, traditional woven glass fibers will separate. With layered glass, every Hyperlite deck will have the same pop off the double up year after year

The Hyperlite Broadcast Wakesurf Board is available Here at 88 Gear

The next pick comes from our friends at Ronix.  It's at a great price point and serves as an all-around good wakesurfer.  Use this board as a second option on the boat or for anyone starting out.  

The Ronix Marsh Mellow Wakesurfer 

 Price Range -$439 - $399


A similar shape to our most high end performing deck – The Thruster – just constructed with a more impact proven layup. A soft top construction combines the best elements of speed, weight, and durability. Made with a similar core to our other more expensive surfers – this Thrasher has a unique glass lay up and a soft top exterior. The result is our most advanced recreational core to date since it has most of the performance and weight aspects of our surf constructed decks, the durability of a soft top, yet produced for surfers on a budget. What if your board accidentally slams into the boat? No worries, its soft exterior won’t chip or ding your gel coat the way other traditional constructed decks will. We don’t want to play favorites – but if you’re reading this right now – this topwater traveling speedy, lightweight, durable series has a little soft spot in our engineer’s hearts. We spent four seasons developing this adjustable fin rope-less water device.

Entry Level Wakesurfer from Ronix the Marshmellow sold at 88 Gear


• Machined EVA top deck with kick tail
• 2 – 2.3” & 1 – 2.9” Black Polycarbonate fins
• Handmade by Robots
• Vacuum bagged with epoxy resin

Pick up a Ronix Marsh mellow Board Here 

Two awesome boards were just listed but there are still two to go.  Up next is a broad from Liquid Force with a great shape for all weights and heights.  It can even be used as an intermediate wakesurf board. 

Liquid Force Swami Wakesurfer

Price $339-$299


This compression molded skim shape is designed for performance and fun, just like the wave in Encinitas, CA that it was named after. This board is for those that want a skim shape without the fragile high-performance construction or price. The Swami is built to last and also built to perform at a high level. It features a rounded diamond nose and tail shape for control and lift when riding forward or reverse, a single concave for easy glide and a slotted channel through the tail for control. Ride this board as a true skim or attach the shallow twin fins for added drive.

Best entry level wakesurf board from liquid Force sold at 88 Gear

Buy the Swami Wakesurfer Here

Here is our last pick from a smaller but well-known company in the USA.  It's from Phase 5 Wakesurfers and it's an awesome board that can also be used as an intermediate board.  It's also a top seller because you get a lot of board for the money.  Most Phase 5 boards will be custom made and will have unique color patterns so not all the boards will look the same but they will all ride the same.

The Phase 5 Oogle Wakesurf Board

Price Range $599-$499

The Oogle has a forgiving smooth ride and is the best training board to learn wakesurfing on. The outline of the Oogle mimics that of a classic surf style longboard with its full round nose and long straight rail line. It has generous rocker upfront to help overcome the common nose dive issue every beginner encounters. The Oogle was designed to be very stable allowing beginners to focus on the very basics of wakesurfing, yet it also has a fun lively ride experienced riders will appreciate. It’s 3/4” foam core provides a floaty and stable platform with a single fin setup loaded with a 2” fin.

Starter Wakesurf baord From Phase 5 buy at 88 Gear

You can purchase the Phase 5 Oogle and other Phase 5 Wakesurf Boards at 88 Gear Water Sports.

Shop Entry Level Wakesurf Boards at 88 Gear

Thanks for Checking out our top Wakesurf Picks we hope to see you on the Water.

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