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The Most Comfortable Kids Life Vest

Get the Kid's on the Water Safe and Comfortably! 

Safety is always a top concern when shopping for kids life vests but we think comfort is key.  So how do you combine safety and comfort all in one?  First, let's look at neoprene life jackets.  The material is less likely to cause a rash and irritate your kids.  You pay a slight premium for the neoprene vests, but knowing you won't have to worry about crying kids because the vest is causing them pain makes it well worth it.  Next, we can jump back over to safety.  We like to point out a few things when shopping for kid's vests.  

1. Bright Colors Matter

On busy lake days, you want to be able to spot your kid in the water and get to them as fast as possible.  If they fall off the tube or water skis having a highly visible vest makes it easier for you to see and more importantly other boaters.

2. Properly Fitting Vest

Kid's Vests come in a weight range so make sure you are within that range to ensure the vest works properly.  The majority of Life Jackets run 0-30 pounds, 30-50 pounds, 50-90 pounds, and last 75-125 pounds for teen vests.  Each vest may have different features like a safety loop to go between the legs, Zipper stoppers, or third and fourth buckles.  Again the most important factor is making sure the vest weight range lines up with your child's weight. 

3. Coast Guard Approved

Make sure your kid's vest is Coast Guard Approved.  This kind of goes without saying but we always suggest asking to make sure. 

Last we are jumping back to the Comfort of the Kid's Life Jacket.  We already touched on the neoprene material so now we want to focus on the irritation spots.  One Life vests stand out from the rest because they focused on these spots making the most comfortable Kid's Vests ever made.  The neck, armpit, and armholes usually cause kid's the most pain.  The Ronix Vision and August Life Vests have a soft material around the irritation points helping to reduce irritation.  You can see on the image below the black material going around the armholes.  This gives the user of the vest a super soft feel on the areas that usually cause the most pain.

Ronix Vision Kid's Life Vest

There are lots of Kid's Life Vests to choose from.  Rember to focus on safety and the comfort of your kid while on the water.  Check out more Life Vests and Floatation Devices at 88 Gear Water Sports


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