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Cyber Monday Save 15% Code: BFSAVE15

Wakesurf Fin Setup

What Fin Setup Will Work Best for Your Surfing?

As the sport of wakesurfing continues to grow additional boards and accessories will hit the market.  One of the main things you should be watching for is the fin setup on the base of the board.  Your typical board might come with one or two wakesurf fins at standard lengths, height and rake size but some more advanced wakesurf boards with have other options. 

There are 4 main types that we are going to cover and hopefully, this helps you narrow down what wakesurf board will best fit you.  Personally riding all these styles is always the best case scenario, but that's not always an option for everyone.  So we will explain each with a few pictures.  We will also add to this if new fin setups start to become standard. 

1. The Single Fin Setup 

This particular fin setup is most commonly found on skim style boards making it easy to spin and do surface tricks. 

2. Twin Fin

This setup is probably the least common setup.  Although it is nice for beginners because it makes the board stable and keeps speed while surfing. 

3 Thruster or 3 Fin

A common fin setup on surf style wakesurfer.  You will find this setup on lots of boards.  It's great for stability, speed, and slashing the wake.

4. Quad Fins - Boards may be titled Quad 

This setup gives you a bit of both the twin fin and thruster feel.  It's great for speed but has a bit more release vs. thruster setup.  Lot's of Quad fin boards will include the Quad in the name of the board

5. Front Fin

This is mostly for skim boards when riding revert or switch on the board.  Not all skim boards will have this option

This Chart will show the Fin setups mentioned above.

wakesurf fin setup picture - 88 Gear

We hope this guide helps you understand the diffence in fin types and what each type will do for your surfer. You can shop all our wakesurf boards and surfing accessories at 88 Gear