Wakesurf board Buying Guide

Wakesurf Board Buying Guide - Choosing the Right Board Style

Wakesurf Board Buying Guide

Buying a new Wakesurf Board shouldn't be complicated.  What's the difference between surf and skim boards and which one is right for you?

We will highlight the bullet points of each style so you are sure to pick a Wakesurfing Board that will perform right for you.  

1. Skim or Surf and there are also Hybrid boards that combine both Surf and Skim Board Qualities.  See the illustration below touching on the main differences.  


Wakesurfer Buying guide


2. The bigger the rider the bigger the board.  This saying holds true for most board sports.  A taller individual or heavier person will want to stick with larger boards.  Skim will work just fine but Surf style will provide more surface area on the water.

3. Rocker and Rails.  Simply put the more rocker or (curve) on the board the slower the board will ride, but it will be more maneuverable.  Less rocker makes for a faster wakesurfer.  Rails have lots to with how the board will track and turn.  Sharper rails will provide a more responsive and explosive ride.  Mellow rails will give you a relaxed slower ride with little catch.  You can usually get something in the middle that gives you a feeling for each. 


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