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capita doa snowboard our pick for best snowboard at 88 Gear

Our Top Pick for Snowboards The Capita DOA

The Do it All Snowboard is Back in Stock

The Capita DOA snowboard or Defenders of Awesome is back for another snow shredding season.  This snowboard won't disappoint as it's highly awarded, winning the good wood award for 7 years straight.  Why do we like this board so much? 

Take it Anywhere

First, you can ride it in almost any condition.  It's an amazing snowboard that can handle powder runs, groomed trails, and the top park features.  It's super durable and can stand up to some of the toughest mountain conditions.

Bang for the Buck

Next, the price is right for what you are getting.  Having a swiss army knife of a snowboard is pretty nice.  If you want to change up where you are riding and don't want to change boards then stick with the Capita DOA.  If you are strickly doing park runs it can handle the beating rails, boxes, and other features dish out.

Start and End On This Board

Last, the DOA is a great board to start on and progress on.  This is not by any means a beginner board but, it can definitely be ridden by a first-time snowboarder.  The nice thing is you have a good board to start out and learn on and a fantastic board to keep progressing on as you learn spins and jumps.  See why this board is always a top pick and consistently sells out every year.  If you want the women's version of this board then check out the Capita Bird of A Feather snowboard. 

Find the Capita DOA and other all-mountain and park snowboards at 88 Gear 

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