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The pint - the newest onewheel

Introducing the Newest Onewheel - The Pint

The Pint by Futuremotion 

This board has all your favorite features but is more compact and lighter.  Now with a handlebar, the onewheel pint is extremely portable.  At just 27 inches long you can put it under a table or desk at work keeping it out of the way.  Charge it up during the day and ride home on the 6-8 mile range.  Oh yeah, the best part about this board is it's under a thousand.  The pint is customizable, just as rugged as the other boards, and has a small learning curve.  The new ready to ride feature makes this more easy to get on and off saving you some possible spills.  If you are new to onewheels then give the pint a go and see why this is our favorite off the snow and water board to use.

Find the new Pint at our Store 88 Gear in LaValle, Wisconsin.  View it Online for extra details

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