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The number one feature on a wakesurf board is fins

Number One Feature to have on a Wakesurf Board

What Should You Look For When Buying a Wakesurf Board

There are lots of things to consider when buying a wakesurf board. Options like Surf, Skim or Hybrid boards.  The size of the person surfing and the size of the board.  Experience of the surfers and primary use of the board.  These are all super important factors but there is one option that might outweigh all these other factors.  Let's be clear on a few things first common sense has to come into play, a 6 foot 6-inch 275-pound person should not be considering a board under 5 feet.  Also, a beginner should not be looking at an advanced board.  There are ways to make the board you already have ride different if and only if you have removable Fin options. 

This is why we think fins are one of the most important features on your surfer.  The more spots you have for fins the more ways you can change how the board rides on the wake.  If you have 4-5 inserts on the back of the board then you can pretty much set up your fins every way possible.  The shape of the board may not always give you a true feel, but having all these options is a plus.  You can find new aftermarket fins to add speed, reduce drag, or even stabilize the board.  Starter boards or beginner boards usually won't have many options to change or add different fins.  If you want a more in-depth look at fins then head to our wakesurf fin setup page to help understand what the fin types do.  We have a reference below for the fin types.  As always if you are a beginner it's best to test as many wakesurf boards as possible before you buy.  Some of this may not apply for a first-time because you may not have a big surf crew yet but when you go to upgrade consider fin options as a buying factor. 

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Wakesurf Fin Setup Help Guide

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