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more reasons to buy arbor snowboards

More Reasons to Buy Arbor Snowboards

The environmental friendly boards that give back

Back in 1995, the Arbor snowboard brand was created with the environment in mind.  Constructed from sustainable forest products these boards not only achieve the objective of being environmentally friendly they also give back to fund the preservation of indigenous forests.  You can see the wood gain in multiple Arbor snowboards reminding us all that our forests are important to us in many ways.  We are going to point out 8 ways Arbor snowboards keeps the environment in mind.

1. Sustainable Woods

Arbor works with a variety of fast-growing renewable woods like bamboo from managed forests

2. Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council 

To get this certified stamp the Forest Council makes sure they use materials only from responsibly managed forests

3. Using Materials Wisely

When it comes to forest products Arbor practices modern methods that stretch the usage of the material and it also minimizes the impact on the environment by using less. 

4. Materials Make The Difference

By using these wood and bamboo layers they become more structurally sound and it gives the snowboards more pop.  This also reduces the need to use other materials like extra fiberglass that's non-biodegradable.

5. Stay Bright

The production of any snowboard uses energy and when you use renewable items like the wind and sun it helps reduce carbon output in the atmosphere.  Arbor uses at least 30% solar power in its production line and has plans to be 100% in the next 2 years.  Also, any wood bi-product from production is reclaimed and upcycled. 

6. Recycle and Reuse 

Many components on the snowboard use recycled materials for the finished product.  The edges are recycled steel, the topsheep is bio-based nylon, and finally, they are tuned with a non-flouro wax.  Whenever it's possible Arbor will do it's best to add a recycled material over the alternative. 

7. Always Looking to Improve

Recently they have been using an entropy super sap resin in the production of the boards.  This material is plant-based and has a 40% smaller carbon footprint vs traditional materials.

8. Give Back

A portion of every sale goes back to the restoration of Hawaii's Koa forests.  When you purchase an Arbor Snowboard you are helping to reduce an impact on the environment and your giving back to the forest.  Not to mention your getting one of the best built boards you will ever ride. 

You can see more Arbor Boards and bindings at 88 Gear Sports

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