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New Darn Tough Sock Styles

New Darn Tough Styles

Updated Colors and Patterns 

Can you make something great even better?  Why would Darn Tough change up some of their best selling sock styles with hundreds of positive ratings?  We were curious to see how they could improve on their hiking socks.  First, there are a few new styles like the women's tree line and the men's Darn Tough Kelso style.  Next a bold move with a change to one of the best selling women's styles and here is the updated look.  A cleaner and more modern take on the style number 1967.Darn Tough Women's Sock  They also added a new colorway to this style and it's the color moss.  It's an earthy neutral color with a hint of pink lines and purple base.  We think these changes are great and the updated colors are fantastic.  You probably want to know what actually changed besides just the sock colors and designs. 














    These simple changes you won't even see but you will feel throughout the day.  Breathability is always one of the biggest features in clothing and especially socks.  Having airflow does multiple things and one is it keeps your feet dry and fresh.  Two is it allows temperature control taking warm air and removing it or circulating it in your shoe.  

    Darn Tough Sock Changes to Style 1967

    1. So the biggest change is the mesh breathability panels on the top of the sock.  The number one feature change and we see it as the most important asset to the sock. 
    2. Next, the extra cushioning on the Achilles area of the sock to reduce irritation on your feet.
    3. Last ribbed top to help keep the sock in place throughout the day

    Newest socks from Darn Tough

    Find the newest socks by Darn Tough at 88 Gear.

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