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Merrell boot insulation terms by 88 Gear

Merrell Boot Insulation

What Should You Look for When It Comes to Insulation?

When the weather conditions change we tend to change how we dress and what we do.  Having the proper gear will help make the elements bearable.  For example, your extremities like fingers and toes are usually the first parts of your body to feel cool or cold weather.  So it's important to keep them dry and warm as frostbite will affect these parts first.  When you are shopping for your next pair of Merrell boots keep in mind the insulation and of course the waterproofing features which we will cover at a later time. 

Merrell has 3 main insulated technologies and you can either find them listed on the tags, box, or attached to the boots.  We are going to go over what each does and what benefits they might have to your feet and warmth. 

Merrell Boots and Insulation technologies

1. Merrell Select Warm

This feature found in select Merrell boots uses your body heat and reflects it back inside the shoe.  It also helps trap the warmth to keep your feet warmer in cold weather. 

2. 3M Thinsulate

This layer is used to keep the warm temps inside trapped inside while keeping the elements out.  The 3M Thinsulate is a water-resistant insulated layer inside the boot. 

3. Primaloft Gold Insulated Aerogel

One of the newest technologies in the boots is the aerogel.  What's great about this is the insulation maintains it's insulative shield even with the foot compressing against it.  This insulation is found on select boots. 

The most common insulation technology found is the select warm.   You can see more outdoor footwear, boots, and hiking shoes at 88 Gear 

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