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Revolution balance boards at 88 Gear

Balance is Important For Board Sports

Board Sports Require a Certain Amount of Balance -

Some people have the natural ability to jump on a board or skis and just start ripping.  Others have to go through a period of falls and fails to buildup some muscle memory.  Don't look at falling as a fail but rather as a lesson learned.  Your muscles and memory automatically start working together to keep you from falling because it's not fun to be tossed on the ground or in the water from a fall.  Each fall builds up some muscle memory making it easier for you to grasp the concept of riding on a board's edge.  To be honest it's really hard to almost impossible to understand the balancing act of snowboarding and wakeboarding until you actually try it.  You can have someone tell you and teach you but the best method for learning is actually doing it.  We do like one product that helps with some balance and muscles for balance.  

How Can I Help My Balance?

The product to help maintain good balance and develop new skills is the Revolution Balance board and they have multiple variations of the board.  They have their classic version of the board and also options like the swell specifically for those looking to improve on water sports.  Since some of these board sports are seasonal the balance board helps you keep some of the muscle memory you built up in the prime season.  Not only that you can gain balance if you are new to board sports and progress at a quicker rate.  The revolution boards are perfect for those looking for an alternative work out as well.  Being on a board burns calories quicker than just standing on the ground.  It's going to work your legs, core and help you built balance.  If you want to find out more about each board style then head to our site and search for Revolution Balance Boards or Click Here

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