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learn to wake foil with tips for beginners

Wakefoil Tips for Beginners

Are you looking to expand your bag of tricks on the water?  Do you already water ski, wakeboard, kneeboard, and wake surf?   If you have done all these and are ready to try something new then foiling might be your next water sport. 

What's great about wakefoiling is if have already mastered a sport like wake surfing you will have some of the basics down for foiling.  There are lots of crossover skills you can use but getting up on a wakefoil does have it's own learning curve with the sport.

This video covers tons of the basics like:

  • Foil Wing Size
  • Wing Placement and Why
  • Beginner Hacks and Tips
  • Spots to ride on the wake
  • How to Fall 
  • What rope to use and start with

Some of these points are covered briefly while others go into a little more detail.  Again, this is mostly for first-timers and has tips for this skill level.  Like any sport, most of the learning comes from actually trying it.  Watching a video like this just cuts down on a few of the mistakes you may make on your own. 

What brands are into wake foiling?  Currently, there are a handful of suppliers like Phase Five, Slingshot, and Liquid Force but there are more coming as the sport continues to gain traction.  You will also see more innovation like E-Foil boards, updated wings, new ways to attach wings, more board styles, and last new materials being used. 

Wakefoiling is another fun way to enjoy the water with a variety of conditions like flat water, surf, or even choppy water.  If you get really good at it you don't even need a boat to get going.  Learn to pump the board and ride without help.  

Now Enjoy these tips from John Akerman and his Phase Five Foil Board.  You can see more foils and water sports gear here


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