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2020 Top Wakesurf Board Picks

2020 Top Wakesurf Board Picks

If you are ready to hit the water on a new surf or skim style board then you have to check out our top picks for this year's best wakesurf boards.  We are combining a few metrics in choosing these boards.  

  • Crowd Favorites
  • Best Selling Boards and Price
  • Top Performers 

Crowd Favorite Wakesurf Boards

When we look at crowd favorites we took consumer polls, social media opinions, and customer feedback.  Best selling also ties to the crowd favorites but sometimes spills over to price.  Like what wakesurf board works the best for a certain budget?  This usually includes the midrange boards in the $450 - $600 range.  Last top performers the boards that are sought out each and every year and are known to rip the wake.  You might see a couple of repeats but that just shows that these boards are checking off everything a wakesurf board should.

First lets hit the crowd favorites and we have a couple of boards on this list.

  • The Doomswell Neo surf style board

The Neo is always mentioned as a go-to board for those looking to ride a premium surf style board.  The quad fin setup always you to ride with 4 or 2 fins giving you extra options for speed and feel on the water.  With the design of the board, you will get plenty of push to stay in the pocket and pop airs all day long.  Don't just take our word for it this board is the crowd favorite.

Doomswell wakesurf boards

  • The Phase Five Hammerhead Skim Board

One of the best selling, top-rated, and top performers. This board is what you want if you are looking for the ultimate skim style wakesurf board. With an updated shape for 2020, you will now be riding the new peanut shape.  This shape gives you more contact on the wake keeping the board more stable.  What's great about the hammerhead is the ability to ride revert (switch) for those of you wanting to nail the 360's.  The Phase Five wake surf line has tons of great skimboards but the hammerhead is still one of the most talked-about and proven shapes in the line.  

Other top mentions include: Phase Five MVP, Ronix Carbon Core Skimmer, Phase Five Diamond and Phantom, Hyperlite Shim, Liquid Force Keen

Now to the Best Selling Wakesurf Boards. 

If you are new to wake surfing or looking for an upgrade from your original board this might be the section for you.  These boards fit most budgets and could also be used as a family board.  Meaning multiple riders and sizes could possibly use them.  The key point in there is POSSIBLY.  This list will have fewer details and will just highlight the boards that surfers are grabbing. 

  1. Hyperlite Broadcast (Great Beginner and Family Board)
  2. Liquid Force Primo ( Great Beginner and Mid Tier Board)
  3. Liquid Force Primo LTD ( Board with Footstraps)  You can lock in those tricks quicker with the help of the foot straps.  They are also great for first-time surfers.
  4. Doomswell Nub Step ( Awesome Mid -Top Level Surfer)
  5. Doomswell Neo ( Top Pick Surf Style Board) Beginner - Pro Riding Levels
  6. Phase Five Avenger ( Entry Level - Mid Tier Skim Board) Great Board and Priced Right if you just want to try out a Skim Syle Board
  7. Liquid Force Keen ( Awesome Skim Style Board) Mid to Pro Level Board ridden by one of the best Austin Keen
  8. Ronix Modello Fish Skim Board ( Fun and Performance Style Skim Board)
  9. Slingshot Butter Bar ( Fast Skim Style) Great for smaller wakes
  10. Ronix Marshmellow ( Entry Level) Great Starter board or second option for friends and family

phase five wakesurf boards

Performance Wakesurf Boards

Last, let's look at some of the best performing wakesurf boards.  These are boards with features to keep you in the pocket, boost off the water, and spin anything. 

When you mix styles meaning a little bit of skim and a little surf you get the Ronix Sproket Surfer.  This board rides like a traditional wake surf style board giving you plenty of speed but it also releases off the wake allowing you to do multiple tricks. This is an advanced board but you don't have to be advanced to use it. 

The number two is a board that will save you and your drive time and gas.  The Liquid Force Primo LTD comes with foot straps giving you the extra edge to learn and land new tricks.  This is a great board to get started or advance your wakesurf skills without wasting too much time.  You have a single fin or twin fin option with this board allowing you to have a more stable and fast ride or loose and free ride.  Learn with the straps and then remove them to try without the extra help.  This board may not have the most technical features but it gives you a clear advantage over other boards without the straps. 

 Next is a skim style board that had a small adjustment made to it to help keep speed.  The Phase Five Diamond Turbo skimboard is our next pick.  This board has been around for multiple years but just recently a small change was made to the rear of the board.  Phase Five widened out the rear of the board to give it more contact with the wave.  This allows the rider to keep speed and not have to stand so heavy on their front foot. The rest of the board is the same as years past but this change will allow you to do more effortlessly.  With this setup, you will be dialing in those spins in no time.  

Other Top Performing Boards: Doomswell Neo Surf Style, Phase Five Hammerhead, Phase Five Phantom, and Swell Surf Style Boards, Doomswell Neo, Ronix Carbon Skimmer, Hyperlite Riot, Liquid Force Keen.

If you are ready to give wakesurfing a try or upgrade your board then don't hesitate to give us a message and ask more questions.  You can also check out the current selection of surfers at 88 Gear Water Sports




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