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wakeboard binding for boat and cable parks

Wakeboard Bindings Options

More Wake Binding Options to Consider

If you haven't bought wake gear or bindings in the last couple of years then you are in for a treat.  Wakeboard bindings have come along way and have more options for wake sports.  Take the walkable liners.  These are great for the wake park and winch situations but can be used on the boat as well.  These advances make the sport easier to ride more and worry less about your equipment. 

Walkable Wake Boots

Why walkable wake bindings?  Well with the increased popularity in walkable wakeboard boots - 88 gearcable parks it's the preferred method of getting back to the starting station.  If you fall at the far end of the park and have to walk back it's better to be in a wake boot vs bare feet.  Not only do you save your feet from walking on the ground you also save the time by not taking the bindings off and on each time.  

Hyperlite has the system setup that can be used for both boat and the park.  These are similar to a typical snowboard and binding.  You have the binding that attaches to the board and a boot that is strapped into the hyperltie system wakeboard bindingsbinding.  What makes these nice is you can leave your boots on between wake sets or use at the park and walk in them.  This is a quicker way to get on the board between sets. 


Open and Closed Toe Bindings

You also have the option for closed toe and open toe bindings.  Early model bindings were mostly open toe only.  Wakeboarders advanced the sport and the equipment followed with a more responsive binding thus creating the closed toe options.  These wakeboard bindings give you a more personalized fit and help keep your feet warmer on spring and fall days when the water is still cold.  

The straps and laces seem like a part of the boot that wouldn't change but locking laces, lace holders, and gummy straps are all options now.  More wakeboard bindings are coming with a strap to go over the laces also acting as the tightening method.  See the Slingshot wake bindings below with gummy straps.Slingshot wake bidnings with Gummy Straps


Moldable intuition liners are another advancement that should be noted.  After riding half the season or at the start of a new year you can remold the fit of the wake binding.  There are some at home methods but it's best to find a shop that has a heat molder.  Having a comfortable fitting binding is key to enjoying wakeboarding.  Loose fitting and the wrong equipment increases the chance for injury and doesn't help your riding.  You can find intuition lineners in the higher-end Ronix bindings.   

Buying the right wakeboard binding is easy if you know what to look for!  These days wake equipment is better than ever.  If you have any questions on a purchase just ask because we are here to help.  Thanks for checking out 88 Gear Sports


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