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Wake Shapers Make Your Wake Fun

Wake Surfing continues to be an increasingly popular sport for all age groups.  Once you catch your first wave your instantly hooked.  It's meant for all ages and abilities making it a great family activity or a transition sport.  

So what tools are out there to make your wake better and more intense?   Well adding weight to the surf side is always a start.  If you have lots of wash out you can also try   Wake Shapers.  Some of the newer inboard boats come equipped with everything you need to surf, wakeboard, and ski.  If you have a late model ride you should really look at adding ballast bags and a Wake Shaper.  You should weigh your boat evenly allowing you to go right from wakeboarding to Wakesurfing.  There is also lots of time saved if someone rides the opposite side of the wake as you.   We have found the Mission Universal from Delta Boat Gear to be an outstanding product.   Great customer reviews and lots of happy surfers riding a bigger and better wave.  

You can find the Mission Universal and Ronix Wake Shapers at 88 Gear

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