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Onewheel Accessories and Fenders

Onewheel Essentials

What do you need besides the Onewheel?

First off the Onewheel is a big investment so spending any extra on accessories is always questionable.  There are a few that are a must especially if you are riding over rocks and debris.  Let's start with the most important the Fender.  If you are cruising on non-paved areas then it is likely you will have dirt and rocks thrown up on your legs from the Onewheel.  The Fender will block all that and gives you and a nice clean ride.  Not only does it block debris from being thrown on your legs and clothes it also shields the wheel from loose hanging clothing.  We think the Onewheel fender is a must have accessory for anyone purchasing a new Onewheel. 

The next item may be something you should consider if you are commuting.  If you are riding your onewheel to the office and it's a 3-5 mile hike then a spare charger sure wouldn't hurt.  If you want to go for an extended ride after work you might be out of luck without a full charge.  Yes, there is the XR board that gets you the extra mileage but an earlier model or the New Pint won't have the same distance.  Plus having a spare gives you peace of mind knowing you can always keep your board charged. 

Last is also an important item and maybe the most important.  It is protective gear like helmets, kneepads, wristguards, and eye protection.  Like any sport riding on a Onewheel comes with risk.  You may be the worlds best rider but you can't always control the surrounding environments.  That bump in the road that wasn't there last week could throw you off the board.  Passing cars are also something to concern yourself with.   Lot's of times you need to pass intersections or driveways and the driver may not be ready for you.  At the least, a helmet is a great accessory to keep you safe.

Recapping these 3 Accessories are the most important

  • Fenders
  • Chargers
  • Helmets

You can always replace footpads and bumpers as they wear out.  

Thanks for checking us out.  We have all the Onewheel protective gear and accessories for the boards at 88 Gear Sports  





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