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Towable Tubes that can be pulled 2 ways

Towable Tubes That Can Be Pulled Either Direction

2 In 1 Towable Tubes Double Your Summer Fun 

On this couch style, towable you can go from sitting with your pals on a relaxing riding behind the boat to kneeling on the surface of the tube making for a more aggressive ride.  It doesn't take much time or energy at all to transform this towable.  Actually, it's really simple and the riders can stay seated on the tube while you make the switch.  The O'Brien Baller 3 boating tube lets you pull as a couch tube or turn it around and reattached the rope to make a whole new tube.  For more boating fun and tubes for multiple riders check out our selection at 88 Gear.  Read more on this awesome towable tube below. 

More Details on the O'Brien Baller 3 Towable

With the ability to be towed in two different directions, you are guaranteed to have a ball on the O’Brien Baller 3. By accommodating up to three riders, you and two of your friends will have a blast getting swung around while sitting with your back against the rear support. When you are ready for a change, just disconnect the rope from the quick connect hook, rotate the tube 180º and connect the rope to the other tow hook. Now you can ride the tube like it is your own personal chariot. Thanks to the smooth SofTec deck, the Baller series tubes provide the most comfortable ride of any tube in this category. The soft, seamless material prevents any uncomfortable rubbing and eliminates the potential for abrasion so you can ride all day long.

See the Obrien Baller 3 in Action

IIf you want to see more boating tubes and ways to have fun on the water then checkout what we have at 88 Gear

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