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top 3 reef sandal picks

Top 3 Reef Sandals

What are the best 3 Reef Sandals?

Let's run down some of our favorite styles that are tried and tested.  It's always easy to pick your footwear based on looks, but having something that fits and feels great is even better.  So we put together some of the best selling men's reef sandals so you know what everyone else is wearing.  These picks are a miz of classics and twists on some favorite styles.  Let's dig into it and find function and comfort with these top 3 styles from Reef Sandals.

 Top Pick List

  1. The Crowd Pleaser - Reef Rover    This Reef Sandal is a classic and has been in the lineup since the start.  The Reef Rover is not only super Reef Rover Sandals at 88 Gear comfortable but it has some extra grip on the bottom.  This sports sandal is super casual and can be worn to the beach or a warm summer night walk down the street.  

  2. The Life Saver - Reef Fanning     Nothing is worse than having the sun beat down on you and having to stare at your thirst-quenching friend on the table that can't help you because you don't have a bottle opener.  Fear not when you rock the Reef Fannings you will never be without summers favorite tool the bottle opener.  The Fannings have been in the lineup for some time and also have some new extensions like the Reef Fanning Low Sandal.  This is a best seller and for many reasons.  They are durable and should last a could years depending on use.  Comfort is king and they are the kingReef Fanning Sandals at 88 gear of comfort.  Nothing feels better than a pair of sandals you can kick on and off when the waves are crashing on your feet.  Last the bottle opener on the bottom is the icing on the cake.  Never be without a bottle opener again when you have Reef Fanning Sandals.
  3. Walking On Clouds - Reef Cushion Bounce Phantoms.   We may never know what it feels like to walk on clouds but when you step onto Cushion Phantoms you can start to imagine.  These sandals have one of the best cushion systems you will ever use.  Give your feet a treat after a long day and slip on paradise.  Great for wearing around the house, grilling outback, everyday use, or a stroll down the street.  Reef Cushion Bounce Phantoms are exactly what it would feel like to walk on clouds.

Reef Sandals has a wide selection of men's and women's summer footwear so be sure to check out these items and more at 88 Gear Sports


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