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Which Wakeboard is Right For You

Three Types of Wakeboards & Which Board is Right For You?

What Wakeboard Style is Right For You?

Let's dive into it and look and the 3 basic board types, because not all wakeboards are created equal.

Boat WakeBoards

First of there is the largest category and that is Boat Wakeboards.  These boards will be used behind your inboard or outboard boat.  In some cases, you can use them in wake parks, but they are not intended to take the wear and tear from rails.  You would most likely have to remove your fins and avoid all features in the park.   So what makes a boat board different from a park board?  The main difference will be the flex/stiffness.  They are designed to have less flex to give you more pop off the lip of the wake.  Boat boards are also constructed to take all the rough landings on the wake and in the flats.  Some are molded on the bottoms to help hold an edge while approaching the wake.  Last you will have more fin options with boat boards.

Cable Park Wakeboards

Boards designed to be used specifically for cable parks and riding rails and kickers.  The obvious difference between a boat wakeboard and cable park board is the flex.  Cable park boards will have lots of flex on the tip and tails allowing you to press a box or lock in on rails.  They also will absorb your flat landings in the park.  The next big difference is the base.  It will hold up better against all the rails and boxes because it is made to be more durable.  Most times you will find that the molded fins on the base are very small or non-existent.  The majority of Cable Park Wakeboards should be ridden without fins.  Expect less traction if you're not riding with fins.  Looking to do some Cable Park Riding?  Check out LAUNCH CABLE PARK in Wisconsin.

Hybrid or All Terrain Wakeboards

If you split your time between boat riding and Cable Parks then a Hybrid Wakeboard might be right for you.  Get the best of both worlds in one board.  Hybrid boards will have flex in the right spots.  The boards are engineered to have more flex in the tip and tail and less flex in the middle.  This allows you to still press the rails and pop off the wake behind the boat.  Most hybrid boards will have a basic base design, but it will be more durable than the boat boards base.  We suggest adding fins while riding these behind a boat and removing the fins while at the park. Check out the Ronix Bill Wakeboard for a great Boat and Cable Park Board.   

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