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the best gift ever - onewheel plus - 88 Gear

This Years Best Gift! - Hint You Ride on It

The Best Gift Ever isn't Normal

It's Amazing!  You won't get tired of it and it will take you outdoors.  It's Powerful, It's Fun, It's like Snowboarding on concrete, and it can be yours.  So what the heck is it?  The Onewheel Plus is the new powerhouse in board sports.  Make it your new hobby or commuter to work.  Get on it lean slightly forward and your off to new adventures.  Trail riding, sidewalks, and up hills this board is monster and can handle almost anything.  This gift can be used by the whole family anybody can learn to ride this board.   It takes 5-10 minutes to get adequated with the balance but once you do it’s super easy to ride.   Before you know it you will be riding over small obstacles and carving in and out of driveways.  Get your Onewheel plus and make someone’s day, month, and year with the best gift ever.   

Shop the Onewheel at 88 Gear Water and Board Sports


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