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Sandbox Snowboard Helmets for snow and wake sports

Sandbox Helmets Classic 2.0

Best Snowboard Helmet

What makes a snowboard helmet great?  Simple things like comfort, function, and protection.  Let's look at the Sandbox Classic helmet and see why this is an awesome snowboarding helmet.

1. Protection

The main reason we all wear snowboard helmets.  The Sandbox Classic is a perfect helmet to keep you protected on the mountain.  It is certified and made of a hard EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam ready to take hard impacts.

2. It's A Breathable Helmet

Which makes for a great helmet to wear for all-day riding.  The vents allow air into channels inside the inner liner where most the heat and moisture is then pushed out the rear vents. 

3.  Ear Covers and Audio Ready.

  This Snowboard helmet is ready to keep you warm on cold days and cool on spring ones.  The earpads are removable just in case you want to ride with a beanie or under the helmet cover.  Not only that they come with audio ready ear pads.  Most headphones or earpieces can easily fit inside. 

4. Custom-fit options. 

Nothing is worse than being uncomfortable on the snow hill so this helmet is ready with multiple fit pads so there is 18 different ways to size it comfortably.

5. Style 

This helmet has some great graphic options and the low profile makes it minimalistic.

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