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Salty Crew Top Picks

Salty Crew Top Picks

Top Picks For Salty Crew Shirts and Hats

These items are picked for the risk takers making their life an adventure on the water. Some of our favorite hats, hoodies and Salty Crew T-shirts.  If you have stayed salty and choose to find refuge in the sea then this is for you. 

Salty crew tailed hatSalty Crew Tailed Hat

One of the sayings that started it all Chasing Tail.  You can find just about any piece of apparel from the crew with this saying.  This Salty Crew Hat was picked for its classic trucker style with the added stripes on the side.  Bend the bill or keep it straight you can wear this hat just about anyway.  This one size fits all snapback is the way to go

Salty Crew Lure Long Sleeve Shirt

              Salty Crew Lure Long Sleeve Shirt 

Stopping the rays on your arms is always a good thing when you are baking out in the sun.  This is not a UV shirt but it will stop the rays since you are fully covered.  This Salty Crew Long Sleeve Pops with color on the back of the white shirt and has a great look and feel to it.   Check out this Salty Crew Shirt and more Here

Salty Crew Tech TopSalty Crew Tech Top

This is the long sleeve top meant for all day fishing or surf sets on the beach.  With quick dry material and being lightweight this top is a performance piece of apparel.  Throw up the hood to hide from the sun and stay cool because it's light and breathable. This is a go-to fishing or surf top for all our Salty Crew friends.  Find all our Tech Shirts and Hats from Salty Crew at 88 Gear Water Sports


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