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Salty Crew Apparel - It's Whats Hot

New Salty Crew Apparel 

Tech Shorts and T-Shirts you can't get enough of.  It's a brand that was built by living life on the water.  Surf, Sail, Fish, Swim, and Repeat.  If that's your life then Salty Crew is your brand.  Find Refuge in the Sea and Cool Salty Crew Apparel.

Check out the Salty Crew Thrill Seekers and Risk-Takers in this short video.

Salty Crew Fishing Shorts

What's better than a day fishing and hanging out on the water?  We can't really think of anything.  Having the right equipment will only add to what is a perfect setting.  Let us talk about Salty Crew Fishing Shorts. 

First off are these shorts? - Yes  

  • Can you Swim with them? - Yes
  • Do they have a Pliers Pocket? - Yes

The Ultimate Boardshort, Utility Short or Hybrid Short for the lifestyle on the water.  Durable enough for all the wear and tear of fishing and stylish enough to cruise on the beach.  We think these shorts a must-have for Summer. 

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