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Ronix Parks Wakeboard Bindings - The Best!

Ronix Parks Wakeboard Bindings

 What makes the Parks Wake Boot so special you ask?  Is it the Brainframe technology that goes into Ronix Bindings?  Maybe the heat molded custom fit intuition + liners?  We think it's that and more. 

Let's highlight a few of the features that make these boots great for wakeboarding. 

  • Lightweight & Low-cut for extra mobility 
  • Great for Wake Parks and Boat riding
  • Freestyle Boot with Support
  • Brainframe Technolgy 
  • Heat Molded Liners

These are just a few features highlighted on Parks Bonifay Wakeboard Bindings that set them apart from the rest.  Ride longer with the Rad Foam and Double Stuff footbeds, some great features found in Ronix Bindings.  Another cool addition is the updated New Quick-Snap Lace Handles.  Making adjustments on the fly is part of the game and this feature keeps your laces in check.  The perforated liner allows for drainage when you're out of the water keeping you lighter. 

See the Parks Bindings in action in the video below. 

 Check out all our Wake Bindings at 88 Gear


Looking to get more Parks Items? Check out his Wakeboard and Life Vest to pair with the bindings. 

Ronix wakeboard parks board at 88 Gear

Shop Ronix Parks life Vest at 88 Gear



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