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What is the best rope length to wakeboard at

What is the best Length for a Wakeboard Rope?

Best Lenght to set your Wakeboard Rope

This question ties back to your skill level and the size of the wake you are hitting.  Most wakeboard ropes come in various lengths so you can wakeboard at 65 Feet or all the way up to 85 feet.  The shorter the rope the easier it will be to clear the wake.  Usually, beginners will want to use a 65-foot rope length until they are comfortable wakeboarding.  Someone who is comfortable clearing the wake both heel side and toe side would probably be using a 70-75 rope length.  More advanced wakeboarders will ride out at 75-85 Feet.  The most common length would be 70-75 feet as this is usually the sweet spot on the wake.

wakeboard ropes

A couple of things to note:  If you are constantly coming up short on your wake jumps shorten up the rope so you are landing just down the wake.  If you are landing out in the flats then you need to add some length to your rope.  Also, you want to hit the wake where there is little to no washout.  Riding at 80-85 might not be possible on all boats because of the wake washout.  Just so you know wakeboard ropes are not the same as water ski ropes.  Make sure you are using a non-stretch rope for wake jumps and tricks.  The line will be much thinner and stronger than the typical ski rope. 

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