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block the sun and protect yourself from the harmful rays

Block the Sun with These Products

Skin Protecting Items for Sunny Days

Now that the Summer Sun is here we wanted to share some of our favorite items to help you protected your skin. Everybody thinks sunscreen lotion and sprays first, but there are plenty of other methods to stay away from the sun's harmful rays.  If we were to recommend a sun spray or lotion our top pick is Sun Bum.  Taking care of your skin is key if you're on the beach by the water.  The water can reflect the sun's rays giving you more sun exposure than you realize.  If you are boating, surfing, skiing, or any activity on the water you should keep your skin covered in sunscreen.  Sun Bum makes a wide range of products from skin cooling sprays and lotions to sunscreens.  Find 15-70 SPF protecting products for all skin tones and types. 

Why do we like Sun Bum Sunscreens?  

  1. No Testing on Animals
  2. Sulfate-Free
  3. Reef Friendly

sun bum sunscreens

Find all our Sun Bum Sprays and lotions at 88 Gear 

Another Way to Keep the Sun Off is Headwear.  

Especially oversized hats that are meant to block the sun.  This particular Hat is one of our best-sellers are will shade your head, neck, and ears.  Straw hats are perfect if you are out in the sun all day because they provide sun protection from the top down.  You can use them working, boating, beaching, and many other outdoor activities.  We have a couple of straw hats to choose from but the Billabong Tides and nomad are some of our favorites.  Pictured below is the Tides Straw hat.  The Nomad has a slightly smaller brim. 

Billabong Tides Straw Hats

Find all our Sun Blocking Hats at 88 Gear

Last is a top that's perfect for any water lover.  O'Neill rashguards or UV Blocking shirts have built-in sun protection.  Not only do they block the suns harmful rays they can also be worn in the water.  Grab your 20-minute daily dose of rays and instantly block them by throwing on an O'Neill UV top.

Some of the benefits you get in an O'Neill Hybrid UV Top are  

  1. Fast Drying 
  2. UP to 50+ U.P.F. Sun Protection
  3. 4 Way Stretch
  4. Rash Protection 

You can find these sun-blocking products and more at 88 Gear Water Sports


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