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Phase Five New Wakesurf boards

Phase Five New Wakesurf Boards

Skim and Surf Wakesurf Boards

The newest boards from Phase Five are here.  Loaded with advancements these surfers have everything a hardcore wakesurfer will want.  Multiple fin locations, high-end skim boards, foot strap options, and ghost glass.  Wait what was that last one?  Ghost Glass?  It's a lightweight material that makes the board faster and weighs less giving you more chances to spin the board and stay cruising on the wake.  These limited edition ghost boards won't' last long so one today.  

Here are a couple of the new boards we dig. 

Starting with the budget-friendly performance surfer the Phase Five Avenger. 

Phase Five Avenger Wakesurf BoardThis wakesurf Board is great for surfers that want to step on a skim board for the first time.  Similar to the matrix shape this board can be ridden either direction and won't cost a ton to try.  At $359 the Phase Five Avenger is one of the most affordable performance boards in the wakesurfing world.  Attempted new spins and airs with this lightweight east to surf skim board.



One Of the Bestselling boards by Phase Five is the Hammerhead.

Phase Five Hammerhead LTD wakesurf BoardIts reputation for being one of the best skim boards holds very strong.  This is the wake surfboard you want to ride in a revert position or switch.  With a similar tip and tail, the Hammerhead allows you to smoothly ride reverted.  Riding in the position is unnatural and awkward if you haven't tried it.  The LTD version has the Ghost glass making it a super light board.  It is also wrapped in a carbon shell making it durable and allowing it to better hold its shape.  If you are serious about your wakesurfing then the Hammerhead is a must.  Check out this board and more Phase Five Surfers Here at 88 Gear. 

 The Last board today is another best seller and all around a great skim wakesurf board. 

The Phase Five Model X is an easy riding skimboard


Phase Five Model x Wakesurf BoardA True Skim shape that's ready to release at any second to let you spin your next trick.  The swallow tail makes for a fast and forgiving smooth ride on the wake.  The base allows you to go with a three fin setup and this board is great for a beginner wakesurfer or advanced.  You won't be disappointed with the Phase Five Model X.  Find this wakesurf board at Here at 88 Gear       

 Thanks for Checking out some of the newest and best-selling wakesurfers from Phase Five.






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