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Phase Five Wakesurf Boards at 88 Gear

Phase Five Board Types

What Phase Five Boards Will Work Best for You

Wakesurfing has become a bigger sport and more and more people have found a way to surf without heading to the coasts.  With more participants come more options for boards and equipment.   Phase Five has labeled what boards are surf-specific and what ones are skim specific.  Not only that you can easily find which boards will be good for bigger riders and those waiting to take their tricks to the next level.  Let's find the perfect Phase Five board for you.

Phase Five Scamp Kids Wakesurf Board

Starting with the most basic board for the young ripper's Phase Five has come up with the Scamp kid's Surfer.  This easy to ride skim surfer is perfect for kids getting into wakesurfing.  The recommend weight max is 120 LBs. 

  • Rated For Beginner to Intermediate 
  • Kid's Wakesurfer
  • Skim Style Board
  • Rated Very Stable Board
  • Budget-Friendly 

The Avenger Wakesurfer

Looking for a board that you can take out and practice some new tricks on and not break the bank?  The Phase Five Avenger is a performance skim style wakesurfer made with your pocket in mind.  Spins and Air can take place on most boards but you will notice some release easier than others.  With the Avenger you get a pro-level shape for less.  

  • Beginner to Intermediate Wakesurfer
  • Board Stability is Rated at Medium
  • Skim Surfer
  • Best for Tricks
  • Budget-Friendly Wakesurf Board

Phase Five Ratchet Wakesurfer

New in the Lineup the ratchet is a perfect board for multiple riders because you have the option to ride with foot straps. Cut down the learning curve for beginners or new tricks.  This skim style wake surfer is a perfect board covering many aspects of surfing.  For wakeboarders, it gives you a similar feel with your feet being attached to the board.  Beginners get up easier and find the surf pocket without worrying about foot position.  Last, the trick slayers will love mastering new tricks in shorter periods of time. 

  • Beginner to Advanced Surfing Levels
  • Rated Medium as Stability 
  • Foot Straps
  • Great for Learning Tricks
  • Great for First Time Riders
  • Skim Style Board

Phase Five Hammerhead 

Now one of the best selling and most sought after wakesurf boards on the market the Phase Five Hammerhead.  Riden by the 7-time world champ this board is one of the best Skim Style surfers you will ever surf on.  Designed to give surfers an edge with Bi-Directional Tricks the Hammerhead is a super responsive board.  It's suggested for those who really want to nail their tricks and have an intermediate or advanced riding level.

  • Intermediate to Advanced Wakesurfing
  • Board is Rated as Medium Stability
  • Best for Riders doing Tricks
  • Premium Skim Style Wakesurfer


Phase Five Phantom Surfer

New to the line the Phantom Wakesurf Board is Parker Payne's pro model board.  This Surf Style board is perfect for those wanting to do tricks.  It's built with tech features, speed in mind, and popping big airs.  The fin setup on this is board is Quad Surf and you get the new deluxe surf pads.  If popping big airs off the surf wake is your thing we suggest you take a closer look at this board

  • Intermediate to Advanced Skill Level
  • Rated as Medium Stability
  • 57" Can be used for Bigger Riders
  • Surf Style Wakesurf Board
  • High-Speed Surfer
Phase Five Doctor Surfer

This board was made with bigger sized surfers in mind.  The Doctor is a premium surf style board for the rider that needs extra help from the board.  You will find tons of push and speed helping you stay in the pocket of the wave.  The 59" is rated for riders 300 plus pounds.  It also comes with the quad fin setup. 

  • Intermediate to Advanced Board
  • Rated Stability High
  • Big Guy Tested
  • Helps keep you in the Pocket
  • Surf Style Board

Find more skim and surf Phase Five boards at our store or Online.  Thanks for checking out the latest news on these wakesurf boards. Shop more at 88 Gear Water Sports


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