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The Onewheel plus what a awesome gift - 88 Gear

Onewheel Plus In Stock and Ready to Ship

Onewheel Plus In Stock

Looking for the ultimate gift that will put you in the gift giver spotlight forever?  If you know someone that loves boardsports then we have the perfect board for them.  Ride it all year and over almost any terrain.  The Onewheel Plus will make any receiver stoked.  It's like snowboarding on the pavement and once you start riding this you won't want to stop.  With a 20 minute recharge time, you won't be down long if you're riding a bunch.  Commute to work, take it on trails, paved surfaces, grass, hills, and puddles of water.  It's a tank on a wheel!  

Buy the onewheel plus its a great gift - 88 Gear

You can also get the Original Onewheel for a few hundred less and still have an outstanding gift for the family board lover.  The differences are the foot sensors, motor and up kicked footbeds.  The Price for the Onewheel Plus is well worth these changes.  Especially if you go on long rides you will appreciate the expanded foot sensors.

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