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Take the Onewheel on the beach - 88 Gear

Onewheel It goes everywhere even the Beach

Onewheel at the Beach 

So what makes the Onewheel different for other boards or hoverboards?   First of all, this board can take you anywhere.  Want to go up a hill?  Cruise your backyard?  Maybe rip your local beach?  Yeah, you can do all that with the Onewheel and more.  This board can go up to 12 mph and has a 4 to 7-mile range on a single charge.   Speaking of charging, it only takes 20 minutes to recharge the battery then your back on the board.  If you like snowboarding you will love the feel of the Onewheel.  It has a similar feel of carving in the snow.  

A must-have accessory for the Onewheel is the fender.  Stop rocks and other objects from hitting your legs while you ride.

 You can Buy the Onewheel at 88 Gear and we hope you enjoy your ride. 



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