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How to install the onewheel fender

Onewheel Fender Install Video

Onewheel Fender Install Video

One of the most necessary accessories for your Onewheel or Onewheel Plus would be the fender.  It's a basic piece that will keep debris from hitting your leg or getting anything caught on the wheel.  No, the fender does not come with the onewheel but it is our #1 recommended accessory.  So once you have the fender how do you get it on the board.  Pretty easy it comes with a hardware kit and of course the fender.  Use the supplied tool and find the 4 holes on the board to add the spacers.  Tighten the bolts and the rest becomes magic when you get back on the board.  If you're looking to purchase a Onewheel or a Onewheel Fender then check out 88 Gear for all your Onewheel Needs

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