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Onewheel Accessories are back

Onewheel Accessories are back

Onewheel Accessories

Just in time for Spring and Summer riding, we stocked up on all the best selling Onewheel Accessories.

Onewheel Fender Kit

Let us start with the Fender Kit.  A must-have for any Onewheel owner looking to do lots of carving on all terrain.  The Fender will keep small rocks and debris from hitting your leg will riding.  If you like to cruise at high speeds then you know a small rock can really hurt especially with bare legs.  Get the Fender Kit and more Here

 Onewheel Fender Kit

One Wheel Bumpers

After a year or two of some serious riding, you will notice the bumpers will start to wear out and show signs of use.  Pretty common seeing this is the part of the One Wheel that has the second most contact with the ground beside the wheel itself.  If you want to keep your ride looking fresh and new then we suggest replacing your Onewheel bumpers.  You can shop Bumpers Here

Onewheel Bumper Image

One Wheel Ultra Charger

Last is a spare charger for your Onewheel.  Something you should only have to use if you lose the unit that came with it or you want a second spot to charge like work.  Replace a broken, Stolen, or lost Onewheel Charger

Onewheel Ultra Charger

New Sure Stance Foot Pads for the Onewheel Plus and XR

Sure Stance Foot pads for Onewheel Plus and XR

Look for the New Onewheel Plus Coming in March of 2017.  Faster, Improved Stance, and better Motor.  Shop 88 Gear for everything Onewheel


Onewheel Accessories and Boards



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