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O'Neil Slasher Comp Life Vest

O'Neill Slasher Comp Life Vests

 O'Neill Slasher Comp Life Vests

One of our best-selling Life Vests just got a little better for the 2017 Wake Season.  

The O'Neill Slasher Comp is one of the lightest vests on the market today.  Using Nytrolite Foam Tech allows the Slasher to:

1. Be Lighter

2. Absorb Less Water

3. Still be as buoyant as traditional Life Vests

O'neil Slasher Comp Life Vests - Shop at 88 gear

O'Neill uses the Nytrolite Vs. PVC allowing it to have these added benefits.  Not only does this material make the vest lighter it also drys quicker.  The price is also reasonable seeing you are getting extra features in your Vest.  You can find multiple colors and sizes in the Slasher Comp Line allowing you to show off your style.

Check out this short Video to see the Slasher Comp in Action.

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