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Shop the New Supa Tsunami super fast Pump

New Supa Tsunami Fat Sac Pump

New Fat Sac Sup Tsunami Pump

Whats better than wakesurfing or wakeboarding on your free time?  Not having to wait for your slow pump to fill ballast bags.  If you want to get on the water faster and without the hassle of kinked hoses then the Supa Tsunami Pump might be the answer for you.  There are lots of improvements from the older edition that still did an awesome job.

Here are some of the highlighted upgrades you will find on the new ballast pump

  • One of the lightest pumps on the market today
  • Faster the flow 
  • Longer 20' Ft Power Cord
  • New 12.5 Ft hose to accommodate bigger boat hulls
  • Best of all Kink Proof Helical Tiger Hose
  • Better Motor making Fill times up to 40% faster
  • The Only self-priming pump on the market

With everything listed, it's a no-brainer to upgrade and get even more time on the water.  Summer is short and we all want to make the most of it. 

Don't Worry this pump will work with your older Fat Sacs so you don't need to upgrade those unless you want to see the new logos.  Check out all the tools we have to help you get a better surfing wake.  

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New Supa Tsunami pump for ballast bags

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