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Buy the Ronix Top Notch Wakeboard - 88 Gear

New Ronix Top Notch Cable Board

 New Ronix Top Notch Cable Board

 A playful board for those wanting extra flex.  Press anything and ride this buttery park board over all your favorite features.  The Ronix Top Notch is one of our favorite wake park boards.


A cable fun board featuring all-over flex, a super clean bottom design, and a spoonful of added rocker. For high-end cable riders, the Top Notch is a must in any quiver as an alternative board with its loose, skate-like free feeling on the water. The board is also the perfect choice for any level rider that just doesn’t want the locked in feel of a Kinetik or the added boost of a Highlife. Every cable lap on the Top Notch will feel so different than a traditional board with the freedom to break loose or really exaggerate a press from the soft tip-to-tail layup and the thin profile.

  • All over flex
  • Speedwalls
  • A unique fun board new shape
  • Ridden by members of the Kinetik Crew

What this short Video on the Ronix Top Notch Cable Park Board - Shop this Board Here

You Can also Find Everything Ronix Wake HERE



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