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New Features on Ronix Life Vests Boa system

New Life Vest Features

Three new Innovations on Ronix Life Vests

Ronix has alway made a superior life vest so why change anything?  This company doesn't sit still on the innovations and there are three new things on the Ronix and Radar line that we want to discuss.  

BOA tightening Systems for Life Vests

Now you can get your vest to fit tighter in the places it might have moved around before.  Have you ever fell in the water and had the base of the vest come up to your waist?  That can be fixed with the new BOA Life Vests from Ronix and Radar.  Quickly adjust the fit around your belly with the BOA system located on the back of the jacket.  A couple of quick turns and your set to get up on your wakeboard, surfboard, or water skis.  Pop it back open to release the tension and loosen it to where it was.  

Park Life Vest with Impact Protection

If you're doing a lot of riding at the park and trying new tricks off the kickers and rails then you should check out the Ronix Kinetic Impact Jacket.  This not only can be used at the park for protection but on the boat as well.  If you have experienced a nasty fall you know what extra padding and armor can do for you.  Ronix added armor foam in all the right spots to protect you from the bad falls on your ribs and chest.  Don't cut the season short because of an injury make sure you have the proper protection like helmets and impact life jackets.

Kinetic impact life vest for wake parks sold at 88 Gear water sports


New Foam In Radar BOA Life Jacket 

This is not your typical foam insert for a life vest it's a supercharged material that helps your body stay warm and increases blood flow.  It is called Celliant Foam.  The minerals in the fiber react with you to have a thermo-reactive ability to most effectively covert energy and body heat into infrared energy and reflect it back into the body.  This type of infrared energy increases blood flow through the body.  This does so many things like increasing your oxygen levels and turns on your body's natural system to heat and cool depending on exterior temperatures.  You can find this foam on the Radar Vapor Life Jacket.


Thanks for checking out the latest news on our Life Vests you can shop all our Wake and Water Sports Equipment at 88 Gear 

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