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Make Summer Epic with Onewheel at 88 Gear

Make Your Summer Epic With The Onewheel

Make Your Summer Epic With The Onewheel

Summer will soon be here and this year's coolest ride should be under your feet.  We are talking about the Onewheel from Future Motion.  Love the carving feeling you get on the slopes?  No snow no problem you can shred the pavement, grass, or sand with this beast.  This board is no joke!   Packed with technology and build by people who love their board sports.  The Onewheel is truly the best-motorized board on the market.  You can shed hills, ride at night, go over modest amounts of water and it keeps trucking along.  Heavy price tag?  Not when you compare it to lift tickets, bindings, boards, boots, coats, pants, goggles, helmets, and gas to your destination.  Ride for miles and charge it up in 20 minutes.  There is also a cool app to track your battery life and switch rider modes.  Want to test it out?  Stop by our shop and ride the Onewheel today.

Check out the Onewheel in action at 88 Gear Sports

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