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Liquid Force Wakefoil Board

Liquid Force Wake Foil

Wake Foil it's awesome

Foiling is not the easiest thing to start so having some board sport knowledge and experience is a plus.  You can always start with a Wake foil board but your learning curve might be a bit longer. 

Foils can be used in many different situations.  They ride under the surface of the water so a choppy day might be better foil riding vs wakeboarding on the surface.   You can ride them like you would wakeboarding but at a much slower speed.  Foil on your surfing wake instead of surfing.  Wake Parks might also allow you to foil.  You can also use a foil to ride waves in the ocean or kitesurf with it.  Once you really get used to how a foil works you may even be able to pump the foil and ride without a rope.   Check out the New Liquid Force Foil and see it in action below.  You can find this wake foil board and more for sale at 88 Gear

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