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Liquid Force 4D Wakeboard Bindings

New Wake Bindings - 4D Bindings

What are 4D Bindings?  Why the changes and what can you expect if you change from the standard bindings your used to?  

Liquid Force is always innovating their products to give you the best boards and bindings. 4D Bindings are Liquid Forces newest innovation and contribution to the sport.   Expect the smallest footprint and most comfortable binding in the industry.  The 4D bindings attach at a 45 Degree angle and are lighter than the standard bindings.  The biggest reason for the change comes with your foot and board feel.  The design was based around comfort for your feet.  It also gives you a better feel of your board under your feet.  So more control, more comfort, smaller, lighter, and unique flex.  The 4D Wakeboard Bindings are going to be a hit.  

Pictured are the Liquid Force Lite Bindings. 

Liquid Force 4D bindings

 Check out this Video on the Liquid Force Force 4D Bindings. 

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