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orbit key locator

Are Lost Keys a Problem for You? Get Orbit Key Locator

Key and Phone Locator 

If your like the rest of us you have probably lost your keys, phone, or wallet at least once in your life.  Your pulse raises and you start frantically looking for your most valuable items.  Don't lose your mind get Orbit and save your sanity.  What will Orbit do for you?

Locate your Keys with the attached Orbit Bluetooth Device.

Locate your Phone with Reverse lookup using Orbit.

Take Pictures with Orbit making it a selfie remote

Save Time and Money by keeping your most valuable items tracked.

Orbit also has a built-in loudspeaker

Setup a Separation Alert on your phone.

If you go outside the Bluetooth range you can look at the last seen location.


Orbit us truly a lifesaver or Key Saver / Phone Saver.  You can now buy Orbit at 88 Gear.


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