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Is The Onewheel Plus Worth It?

Making a big purchase like this takes some consideration.

We all know the Onewheel original is a great board.  It's probably one of the coolest things to come out in the last couple of years.  So why is there a Plus and why does it have a higher price tag?   If you have ridden the original board you already know why people are going crazy over these motorized boards.  Having the feel of snowboarding on the pavement is truly amazing.  Pop on your helmet and earbuds and go for a cruise anytime you want without the lift ticket cost.  6-8 miles on a full charge up and down hills and through multiple terrains this board rocks.  So if the board is so amazing why change it.   Well, the techs at future motion are always looking to improve a great product.  They took feedback about the board and changed a few things to make the Onewheel 

So Here are the Major Changes on the Onewheel Plus

  • Footpads
  • Hypercore Motor
  • Sure Stance Kicked Up footpads

For us, the biggest change is the footpads.  When you're on a long commute being able to change your stance is huge.  If you use the board on a daily or even weekly basis paying the extra amount is well worth it. 

The next big change was the motor.  Once you're used to riding the board you will want to push the limits and do more.  So the hyper core motor was redesigned to be stronger and faster.   The board is also more stable at a higher speed.  

Overall the changes were great and we think paying the extra money is well worth it.

Looking to test ride the Original board?  Stop by our Shop in LaValle, WI, and test ride it today.   If you're shopping for the Onewheel  Check out 88 Gear

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