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Hyperlite Wakeboards

About Hyperlite Wakeboards

Hyperlite the company responsible for some of the best riding wakeboards on the market today continues to push the limits of wakeboarding. Hyperlite sponsors some of our favorite wakeboarders and surfers such as Shaun Murray, Rusty Malinoski, JD Webb, Jimmy Lariche, Brian Grubb, Noah Flegel, and Raimi Merritt

Hyperlite Wake Company Wakeboard History


Hyperlite Wake was one of the first out there to help shape the sport to where it is today.  Herb O'Brien one of the founders had a big role in the industry and Hyperlite.  He was involved with some of the initial designs and shapes, which resulted in the first compression-molded neutral-buoyancy wakeboards, the Hyperlite. This innovation took the sport to new levels from the early years crafting a whole new sport called wakeboarding. In the beginning, people called it skiboarding or skurfing, but those names didn't stick.   Wakeboarding became the official name of this now massive water sport.  Hyperlite's features the neutral buoyancy and improved bindings made wakeboarding into something we love and many others as well. 

hyperlite wakeboards

Hyperlite Products 

Hyperlite wakeboards have advanced tons over the years improving on all aspects of the sport.  Now featuring bindings and boots build to keep your boot closer to the board.  New shapes the pro and amateur riders can't get enough of.  Also, find cable park wakeboards that ride buttery smooth over the water and features.  We really like the Hyperlite Union if you are a cable park rider.  There are more ways to ride behind a boat than you can imagine.  Lake Surfing is now possible with the use of properly positioned ballast and wake shapers.  Wakeskating is even an option if you like a skate feel on the water.

Hyperlite bindings - 88 Gear


Hyperlite also has the Byerly brand of wakeboards and wakeskates, promoting Scott Byerly as his own brand.  Byerly boards has some of the same features and technology used in the Hyperlite lines.  

Look for Hyperlite to continue to evolve with the sport creating new cable park boards and exciting new Wakesurf boards.

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