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$8.00 Off Darn Tough Socks When You Buy Any 3 Pairs - No Code Needed
stack wake shapers for bigger wakes

How To Make Your Wake Even Bigger with a Wakeshaper

This Tip Might Give You the Biggest Wake on the Lake

So you have tried all the basic tricks for increasing your wake size and length but you still want more.  Bigger is better when you are wakesurfing and there is nothing better than having the endless wave.  You might have already tried these common solutions below:

  • Adding People to the boat
  • More Ballast Weight
  • Shifting the weight around
  • Adjusting Surf Tabs
  • Aftermarket Props
  • And Adding aftermarket Wake Shapers

All these will and can improve your surf wake if done properly but there is another trick that not everyone knows about.  It's stacking multiple wake shapers on the opposite surf side of the boat.  See the image below for an example. Every inboard boat hull is different so your stacked setup of wake shapers could look entirely different.  The best advice is to play around with the configuration and place the shapers in a few different spots to find the best placement.  Bring the boat up to speed without someone surfing and see what looks the best.  After you are happy send someone out in the water to surf the monster wave you just created.  We know wake shapers are an expensive so try and borrow one before you make a purchase.  You may not see enough difference on your specific boats wake to justify adding 2 or 3 wake shapers. 

Stacked Wake Shapers

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