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Get the perfect fitting boots with Heat Molded Wakeboard Bindings - 88 Gear

Heat Molded Ronix Wakeboard Bindings & In-store Molding

Ronix Heat Molded Wakeboard Bindings

Now you can have perfect fitting wake bindings with our in-store heat molding system.  Paired up with Ronix Wakeboard Bindings & their Intuition Liners your feet are going to love the fit heat molding provides.  Free Heat Molding with any Wakeboard Bindings Purchase.

Heat Molded wakeboard bindigs at 88 Gear



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The most intelligent custom liners in the world come coupled with our boots. Our “+” formula was developed with Intuition to offer our renowned custom fit with more cush and less pack out.

Lightweight, preformed, heat moldable Intuition liners just fit better right out of the box and custom form unlike any other type of supposed “moldable” boots out there. Ronix exclusive Intuition wake liners have set the standard for performance-driven, comfort footwear. A few minutes on the cooker at your local shop customizes a pair of boots to the exact shape of your foot for a lifetime. Intuition foam can also be reheated and molded more than once without damaging the structural integrity or quality.

Half sizes can be accommodated with our custom fit process. The properties of Intuition foam allow the liner to expand and contract to the shape of your foot, allowing any pressure points or dead spots to be eliminated. The characteristics of this foam will accommodate any type of fit that you choose. A rider with a larger foot in a smaller boot will pack the foam to be thinner, yet more responsive. Likewise, a smaller foot in a bigger boot will allow the foam to expand more and create a softer, more forgiving boot.


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