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Free pump with HO Inflatable Water mats

Free Pump with HO Play Pads

Get a Free Pump with Inflatable HO Play Pads

Summer is not complete without water, sun, and vacations.  Add to the summer fun an inflatable water mat that is guaranteed to make the family smile.  The HO Play Pad is the perfect addition to the lake house, boat, or lake trips.  It's a durable inflatable water mat that lets 4-6 people enjoy the water.  With a fun twister top, you can play games, relax on top, or wrestle your friends off the mat.  Why choose inflatable over foam?  Space is the number one reason most customers prefer inflatable mats over foam.  These are easy to store in the boat when not being used and pack up into a smaller footprint in the offseason.  Not only are these mats fun on the water, they also can be used on the shore to create a soft pad to rest on or a fun slip n slide.  Create more memories and expand your fun on the water with HO Play Pads.  Grap this offer with the Promo Code: PLAYPAD

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