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Fly High Pro X Series - Helps Your Wake

Fly High Pro X Series & Wake Shapers

Ever watch the Wakeboard Pros and wonder how they are getting so much air?   First, off they are really good and know how to cut at the wake plus they have years of practice.  Second, they use the best boats and equipment.  That equipment being   Fat Sacs or Ballast Bags.  No worries you can get your wake like the pros if you weigh your (Inboard) boat right.  The standard saying is 60% of the weight in the back and 40% in the front.  Now with that said every boat is different and you might have to do 70% in the back and 30% in the front or close to 50/50.  Wake Surfing is usually a different story.  In the past, you would load up the side you were surfing on and the front of the boat.  Now thanks to innovation to the boats and equipment you can weigh your boat evenly and add the Ronix Wake Shaper or Delta Universal from Mission Boat Gear.  These devices have cleaned up many wakes and added more time on the water.  If you're looking to test out the proper weight ratio try adding friends or borrowing someone's gear before you buy.  You will want to make sure you have enough ballast, but we don't want to see pictures of boat underwater.  

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