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What is needed for snowboard and ski trips

Everything You Need for Your First Snowboarding Trip

Did you know that the ski and snowboard resorts market in the US amounts to $3.5 billion? One thing's for sure: Americans certainly love their winter sports!

Maybe you've always envied your friends who went away to the mountains for the weekend to relax and enjoy themselves. But you never quite had the courage to snowboard. That is, until now!

For your first snowboarding trip, you'll want to know all the essentials you need to bring. Thankfully, you're in the right place!

In this article, we'll show you what to put on your snowboarding trip packing list so you're good to go!


Obviously, to go snowboarding, you'll need a board of your own! Not all snowboards are made equally, so you'll want to do your research on which brands are the best and which size will suit you best.

In addition, make sure you read up on maintenance and care tips. This will ensure that you get the most out of your snowboard, which isn't a small investment. With the proper knowledge, you'll be able to keep your board in tip-top shape for years to come!

Snowboard Boots

Boots are a key element to snowboarding and choosing the correct pair is key.  You will want a comfortable and snug pair as you will be in the boots most of the day.  These boots are not like your regular winter boots as they have features to help you get on the edge of a snowboard.  The stiff back and front will allow you to lean forward and backward easily transferring the energy and weight to the proper positions on the board.  This is why you need to buy the correct style of snowboard boots.

Make sure you try these on to get the best fit possible. Also, you want to be able to get in and out of your boots easily, so pick some that are comfy yet convenient.  Consider looking at BOA style boots if you need to make quick adjustments and want an effortless situation.  If the boots are equipped with intuition liners you can even customize the liner fit even more. 

Snowboarding Jacket

Again, you want to keep the cold and the wet out from your body when you're snowboarding. When it comes to jackets, you want them to be not only insulated and waterproof, but also light.

So forget about your regular heavy winter jacket and get yourself a snowboarding jacket. It'll keep you warm and dry without weighing you down! You'll be able to have a fun time without feeling like you can barely turn due to your protective winter clothing.

Snowboard Pants

So you're protected on top with a snowboarding jacket, and maybe a thermal top and bottom. But how are you going to keep your bottom half dry and warm?

With snowboard pants, of course! They might feel a bit fluffy when you first get into them, but you'll be glad you have a nice pair for your first snowboarding trip. It'll feel like you're wearing a cloud and you won't have to feel the dreadfully cold snow directly on your body.

Snow Gloves

When it comes to what to pack for a snowboarding trip, you'd be surprised at just how many people forget to pack snow gloves. Just regular gloves and mittens won't do since they're usually made of yarn and will soak up snow easily. And since you're going to be falling quite often, you'll probably be miserable with regular gloves.

And it's not just discomfort you have to worry about either. Depending on the temperature and wind, it can take as little as 30 minutes to get frostbite.

So protect your hands with a good pair of snow gloves. These will be made of similar materials to snowboarding jackets and pants, meaning you can count on them to keep you dry and warm.  Gore-tex gloves and mittens will ensure your hands stay dry. 


Take a look at any snowboarding picture and you'll see that people are wearing beanies. You actually lose a lot of heat through your head, so it only makes sense to trap that heat in as best as possible when you're out in the snow. When you're packing for a snowboarding trip, don't forget to toss in a beanie or two!

You can also choose to make a fashion statement by buying several beanies to accessorize with. Choose a dark brown for one day while picking a bright patterned beanie for another. You can go wild with all the choices available out there!

Snow Helmet

Considering it's your first time snowboarding, you'll want to play it safe. Even if you've been before, it's always a good idea to have some protection, as you never know what'll happen.

Stay safe and secure with a sturdy snow helmet. These look similar to skateboarding helmets and will protect your noggin should you go down at any time.

Not only are there different colors and patterns to choose from, but you can also pick from brimmed or brimless helmets. You can even get some that have audio pockets so you can put some headphones on to jam out.

Snow Goggles

Last, but not least, snow goggles are what to bring on a snowboarding trip. These are specially made to not fog up, so you can count on them providing you with clarity for hours.

What's more important is that snow goggles provide you with up to 100% UV protection and also have anti-reflective technology. Most people don't realize this, but the snow actually reflects a lot of the sun's rays back onto your body, including your eyes. Not only does this cause glare, but it can also increase your chances of eye disease.

Protect your eyes by always snowboarding with a good pair of snow goggles.

Make Your First Snowboarding Trip a Memorable One

Now you have a fantastic starting point when you're prepping for your first snowboarding trip. By ensuring that you have everything you need from this snowboarding trip checklist, you'll be able to forget about stress and thoroughly enjoy yourself on this exciting new adventure.

So make sure you make plenty of memories, take lots of pictures, and have tons of fun with your friends! Once you get a taste of snowboarding, you'll wonder why you took so long in the first place. We're certain you'll fall in love with this winter sport!

Interested in making your own snowboard? Then take a look at our "build your own snowboard" package now!

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