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Protective snow pants at 88 Gear

Best Snowboard Pant For Beginners

What makes a snow pant good?  There are multiple factors that contribute to picking the right pair of snowboard and ski pants.  We are going to cover a couple things in snow pants like protection and function.  Lets get into it and find out what you should be looking at. 

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Snowboard Pants

  • What conditions will you ride in 
  • Is the purchaser still growing in height and size
  • What is the skill level of the user

If the conditions are damp and cold you should look at waterproof and insulated snow pants.  If the user of the pant is growing we suggest looking at possibly going one size larger.  You can find snow and ski belts to help support the pants and they stay up while riding.  Last and most important what is the skill level of the person using the snow pants?  The main reason we ask this question is because the falls you take to learn are tough.   They are tough but they are worth it.  Those who have went through the learning phase know that your knees and butt are going to be hurting after your first time out. There are a couple of ways you can protect yourself from the constant falls and reduce the hurt your are going to feel.

Here is some of the most important protective gear

  1. Snow helmets
  2. Snow goggles
  3. Padded armor and Outerwear
  4. Wrist Guards

We always suggest wearing a helmet for all action sports.   No matter what your skill level is for winter sports you can't control the surrounding environment.  To break that down a little more you don't know what the other snowboarders and skiers will do.  You can't stop the out of control people on the mountain that can run into you or smaller kid's.   Also who knows what is under the snow or what objects may stop you in your tracks.  We rank the snow helmet as the number one protective item your should wear when you're on the mountain. 

Snow goggles are great for protecting your eyes from the wind, sun light, reflection glare, and last any objects that may hit your eyes. 

Padded outerwear is great for beginners because it provides that extra layer of protection.  One piece we really like is the  686 progression snow pant.  This piece really stands out because the protective pads are removable.  Not only are these pants great for beginners but also for snowboarders and skiers looking to progress outside their comfort zone.  Learning to ride on rails, hitting bigger jumps, or just adding some new tricks to your current line up.  Learning usually involves some falls and we like these snowboard pants to help protect your butt and knees.  See the image below showing where the pads go.  Even better these pads are removable. 

686 Progressive padded snowboard pants
Last if you have some wrist guards or wraps they can help prevent sprains or other injuries to your hands and wrist.  This would be the one of least used protective items on the mountain.  They would be helpful for the first time snowboarder or skier as these individuals are most likely to fall. 
All of these protective items are suggested to  help keep you safe on the mountain.  They are not only great for beginners but they are great for individuals that want to push and progress at winter sports.  You can find these great protective outerwear items at 88 Gear Sports
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